Does your AC run all night even when it's cool outside? The problem: Your attic is a passive solar oven, retaining and bleeding heat after sunset. The solution: A QuietCool whole house fan. Your best choice for installer? Bob!

Why Choose Bob to Install Your QuietCool Whole House Fan?


If you don’t have enough attic venting to support your ideal fan size, Bob will tell you—BEFORE he does the install. He won’t lie in order to get your business. Bob’s pricing is flat rate, all inclusive, out the door. No hidden charges. No change orders in the middle of the job.


Bob builds his business by doing quality work. He doesn’t cut corners. When choosing supplies and components, he selects the best. It takes a him little longer and costs him and little more, but you end up with a superior product and workmanship.


Bob has been in more than 350 attics and installed more than 350 QuietCool Whole House Fans. He has also installed hundreds of roof and gable vents, and dozens of garage and attic fans. There is almost nothing in the business Bob has not seen. You can be sure he is well equipped to handle whatever unique challenges your situation may bring.


QuietCool Whole House Fans Installed by Bob

Why Should I Invest in a QuietCool Whole House Fan?

Cool Faster

Your air-conditioning system may take an hour or two to drop the temperature 10° in your home. Under certain conditions, a QuietCool Whole House Fan can do it in mere minutes.

Reduce Electricity Costs

A QuietCool Whole House Fan uses a fraction of the energy required by air-conditioning systems. Using one or more to cool your home can save enormous amounts of electricity.

Return on Investment

A QuietCool Whole House fan is one of the few home improvements that pays for itself over time. Customers can save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs when it is used effectively.

Fresh Air

Air-conditioning systems require that all your windows be closed and the air be constantly recycled. A QuietCool Whole House Fan does the opposite! When it’s cool outside, you open your widows and the massive fan pulls enormous volumes of cool, fresh air inside.

Cool Your Attic

Most houses are designed with no thought for their environment. Walls and ceilings are insulated but our attics are all passive solar ovens! Attic temperatures on a hot day can easily hit 140°F. The cool air your QuietCool Whole House Fan pulls into the house is pushed into the attic where it displaces all that hot air within minutes. This reduces the invisible heat load leaking down into the house from the attic.

Save the Planet

Less than 22% of electricity used in California comes from renewable resources. The balance includes generation using coal and nuclear fuel. When you reduce your electricity consumption, you are reducing pollution from dirty energy sources and helping save the planet… One Fan at a Time!

How It Works

Indoor Air Quality

Which QuietCool Whole House Fan is Ideal for my Home?