Is your home too hot in the evenings?

In the evening when it’s cool outside after a hot day, thinking people ask themselves, “Why is my house so hot and why is the air-conditioner running all night long when it’s cool outside?”

The cause is simple: Every attic is an unintentional passive solar oven.  Attic temperatures easily hit 140° or 150° on a hot day. This heat bleeds through the ceiling into your house all night long. An air conditioner can’t cool the attic. It can only fight the heat as it trespasses into your home.

The solution is extremely effective: a whole house fan. And the best choice is a QuietCool.  QuietCool whole house fans cool your house and attic simultaneously by pulling cool air from the outside through open windows, through the house, into the attic, and out the attic vents–cooling everything along the way.