Survivor: Jeff Probst on ‘the most frightened we’ve held it’s place in all my time’ in the show

Survivor: Jeff Probst on ‘the most frightened we’ve held it’s place in all my time’ in the show

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Survivor: Jeff Probst on ‘the most frightened we’ve held <a href=""></a> it’s place in all my time’ in the show


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Every week, host Jeff Probst will respond to a few pre-determined questions in regards to the episode that is latest of Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, a great deal to arrive at with this specific triple hazard medical situation. I suppose get started by walking us through the chaos as participants began dropping like flies and you also all had been needing to find out to deal with multiple emergencies that are medical.

JEFF PROBST: When one thing uncommon takes place on Survivor, I’m experiencing it simultaneously from three various but complementary points of view: Executive producer, host, and market. With regards to the situation, one will rule on the other. Debbie took place first. When some body goes it was clearly a very hot day so from a host point of view I made the call to bring in medical and have them check on her down it’s concerning and. It absolutely was possible because her tribe had currently finished generally there wasn’t any such thing at risk for them. Had she been down while her tribe ended up being nevertheless fighting, we most likely could have stopped the process until we’re able to ascertain her condition. If we knew Debbie had not been in almost any sort of life threatening risk as well as the health practitioners assured me under control and she would be fine, I felt comfortable turning my attention back to the challenge that they had it.

In me began to think about options as it became apparent the other two tribes were having trouble finding the bags in the sand, the executive producer.

Exactly just What would we do when they merely couldn’t discover the bags? Just exactly exactly How would we end this challenge? While that is occurring inside my mind, i am aware our other producer that is executive Van Wagenen and supervising producer John Kirhoffer (in control of challenges) may also be thinking through prospective alternatives for a worst instance scenario. We now have an extremely team that is proactive everybody is definitely wanting to anticipate feasible issues and solutions.

Luckily, both tribes finished up finding all of their bags plus the challenge proceeded. Only at that point we actually didn’t have issues. And even though Debbie had been nevertheless being had a tendency to, we knew she had not been in peril and I also knew we’d a challenge that is good some very nice drama and every thing ended up being going fine.

It absolutely was simply moments following the challenge finished that things actually took a change. Caleb and Cydney both dropped within moment of every other. Having three individuals down within one challenge ended up being unprecedented plus it quickly became clear that it was an extremely severe situation. When this occurs, the professional producer component of me gets control while the only concern is everybody’s health.

I am aware exactly exactly exactly how prepared you all for medical circumstances, while having seen your group for action, but not have you skilled something similar to this by which you essentially told everybody in the crew — it doesn’t matter what their work — to pitch in and assist any real means they might. Talk a bit in what ended up being happening you and the doctors were dealing with the downed players around you while.

I do believe they would all have a different story to tell if you asked every person on our crew. From my vantage point, i really could inform within about 10 moments of Dr. Joe taking a look at Caleb that it was severe and here to be realn’t any forethought fond of contacting every crew user to aid down. It absolutely was an extremely decision that is spontaneous. The thing that was remarkable had been just exactly how effortless all of it arrived together. Instantly there have been coolers filled with water containers appropriate close to Dr. Joe and their group. Umbrellas to give color. The chopper ended up being placed on alert. Also our manager David Dryden ended up being keeping a massive chunk of ice on Caleb’s upper body while still directing our digital cameras. Everyone on we is ready for emergencies such as this and so they went into action instantly.

In terms of our medical department, we could compose all day whilst still being perhaps perhaps perhaps not state sufficient nutrients about Dr. Joe Rowles along with his group. It requires a situation such as this to seriously see just what some one consists of while the style of leader they have been in times during the crisis. Dr. Joe ended up being extremely concentrated. It absolutely was undoubtedly astounding just exactly how relaxed the complete medical group ended up being while they quickly determined the thing that was wrong with both Caleb and Cydney and took action that is immediate.

While Cydney had been definitely in bad form, she had not been in a life-threatening situation.

Therefore, together with her tribemate Jason comfort that is providing 50 % of the medical group tended to her. Dr. Joe switched their focus on Caleb, who was simply a great deal more severe. Nick had been immediately, keeping Caleb’s feet up as Dr. Joe ran some fast tests. It absolutely wasn’t too much time before Dr. Joe provided me with a appearance and I also knew Caleb was being pulled through the game in addition they began attempting to bring their body’s temperature straight straight down since fast as you are able to.

Caleb had not been mindful that which was occurring and it also wouldn’t have mattered as he might have no say in time that way. Medical constantly guidelines with regards to a participants wellness. That he could be immediately transported to the nearest hospital as you saw, our medical team did an incredible job of quickly restoring Caleb’s vitals back to good levels so.

It wasn’t until Caleb ended up being properly when you look at the atmosphere additionally the Survivors had headed back once again to camp, that all us in the team had the ability to ingest exactly what had simply occurred. I happened to be therefore happy with every crew that is single therefore the method most of us arrived together. My moment that is proudest in periods. Which could appear odd, however it certainly was bonding through crisis.

And an email worth making: Later within the time even as we had been doing our debriefing, our security and safety group reminded me personally that despite being in the center of a jungle in the center of an ocean, that Caleb was in the atmosphere for a chopper with a health care provider at their part within twenty two mins of collapsing. And, he had been being tended to in a medical center maybe not very long from then on. My point in sharing this might be that it will be quite difficult to obtain that exact same form of quick reaction in many metropolitan areas in the usa. We head to great lengths and expense to be ready for a scenario such as this and it’s satisfying to notice it pay back.